Timothy L. Mason

Creative Leader, Art Director, Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, Accessibility Advocate

My name is Tim Mason. I am a creative leader and UX designer with ideas that improve user experiences. I listen, validate, and connect on an intentionally personal level.

I am a designer with an MBA in marketing. I am passionate about design and fascinated with technology.

Designer first. Everything else second. I’ve seen the full spectrum of what it takes to deliver usable technology. It is my belief that the user experience work we do in the beginning is the greatest indicator of success.

In all cases, we started with one line of code.

#1. TRANSAX Gateway

TRANSAX is a developer-focused SaaS platform for processing credit/debit cards and electronic checks. In 2018, our system had acquired 160 partnerships with 3,200 active merchants processing over 670,000 transactions and $90 million dollars per month.

#2. Aurico Reports / CareerBuilder Employment Screening / Accurate Background

WebACE is a SaaS driven background screening platform that delivers accurate pre-employment data in a matter of seconds. As the lead frontend developer, I designed the user interface and the layout for the reporting products generated. In 2019 alone, WebACE screened 3.8 million individuals using over 7,000 partnerships.

#3: Parkonect SaaS / IoT Systems

Parkonect is a SaaS platform that connects data in real-time to provide key insights and control for garage management companies. I provided creative direction and was the lead HTML/CSS developer. Our technology is now present in over 700 garages nationwide with over 2,000 IoT parking heads.

I went to design school long before everyone knew what UX was. But that doesn’t mean user experience wasn’t a thing.

Designers have always sought out information about their audience. The reason I’m drawn to UX Design is the simple way it demonstrates value to non-creatives and validates our mental equity in every project.