Life, design, and everything in-between

The Past 6 Months: Life, Time, and UX Design

I believe the work we do in the beginning to understand the user is the greatest indicator of success. Being president of a custom software development agency only reinforced my passion for the creative process. As a result, I have focused the next chapter of my career around becoming a user experience leader with a focus on inclusive design. Read More

Tim Mason

I am a designer with an MBA in marketing, but this is what you really need to know

I’m often asked why I went to business school. Yet, I’ve always wondered why more creatives aren’t as curious? For me, I wanted to become a better designer and I understood the importance of influence. More specifically, I wanted to speak the same language as my clients to better understand their needs. That's how I would convince them to take a creative journey with me and reassure them the results will positively impact the bottom line. Read More

Fast Think

How my first professional client meeting turned into a presentation for a conference room full of executives. This was the beginning of my career as a creative leader. Read More

Transient Technology

The importance of thinking like a technology company and implementing an agile method with a SCRUM/Kanban hybrid framework. Read More

Don’t Stop Retrieving

How a community website took a step back to explore personas, user flows, and a high-fidelity prototype that made us rethink strategy and rebrand to focus on a unique opportunity for a specific user. Read More

Processing Change

My role in the dynamic shift for a merchant services company to build a developer-focused payment gateway from the ground up. TRANSAX Gateway is an evolutionary advancement in Software as a Service (SAAS) for processing credit/debit cards and electronic check transactions. Read More