The Past 6 Months: Life, Time, and UX Design

The Past 6 Months: Life, Time, and UX Design.

What I’ve learned…

From a very high view, I believe the work we do in the beginning to understand the user is the greatest indicator of success. I also believe that interactive design has a duty to be usable for all. Being president of a custom software development agency only reinforced my passion for the creative process. As a result, I have focused the next chapter of my career around becoming a user experience leader with a focus on inclusive design.

A bold move was in order.

We made the decision to move to Tennessee to be closer to family. While my spouse adjusts to her new position, I have been fortunate to work independently as we balance work, life, and the unknown.

What I really needed was time and space for inspiration and exploration. Each day I submerge myself in books, podcasts, and blog posts to learn more about design thinking, user experience, and accessibility.

Like many, I miss going to work.

I learned that teams can be productive working remotely but nothing replaces an in-person brainstorming session. I think most of us will be grateful to return and appreciate the importance of the physical workplace.

Today, I’m taking a deep dive into UX strategy as more teams realize the true value it brings. The beauty in UX is the overlapping disciplines of design, psychology, and technology. UX aligns perfectly with my experience,  personality, and curiosity.

What now?

Read about how I plan to leverage my design background, technical skill and marketing instincts to forge my transition to a full-time UX Designer.