Parkonect: Admin + Reservations

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  • August 25, 2020


Design and build a web-based control center to manage parking services and equipment.

Parkonect is a technology company in the parking garage industry. Parkonect fabricates and leases gate equipment on a cloud based SAAS platform that connects data in real-time to provide key insights and control for garage management companies.

As a real-time system, data was readily available so we needed to figure out what information to showcase. Overall, the system needed to be user-friendly, responsive, and promote the Parkonect brand as a modern solution in an antiquated industry.

I worked closely with Parkonect leadership to establish the creative direction and user experience of the system. I implemented the user interface by coding HTML/CSS in a .NET project and worked with software engineers to ensure consistent design standards. Because the system was built under tight constraints, developers were building pages before our design team could establish wireframes. Often, I would have to style developed pages to retrofit our design strategy. While not ideal, this method was effective because of the fast pace.


The key was having a creative voice fully embedded in the development process and the support of a team willing to work together.

The client wanted to show as much information as possible because the data on hand was overwhelming.  Balancing key information visually while presenting actionable tools was the real challenge. We found a way to create a modern, informative dashboard while being cognizant of load time and scalability. “Parkonect 3.0” set the stage for iterative development and has become the heartbeat of the whole company.