Parkonect: Touchscreen + POS

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  • August 25, 2020

Objective 1:

Design interface and partner with internal firmware team to deliver touch-enabled technology to be installed directly into the newly designed and fabricated parking head hardware.

The system needed to be intuitive, sleek and showcase the Parkonect brand. Description of the touchscreen equipment from

Our massive 16” fully interactive touch screen brings parking equipment into the modern age with its attractive easy-to-use UI and fully embedded dynamic rate tables. We’ve added Bluetooth functionality for a more frictionless experience for your customers. Our re-designed cabinet is sleek and the interior features modular USB components for infinite expandability. 

As a technology company in the parking garage industry, Parkonect is leading the way by designing modern experiences connected to cloud-based gate equipment on a SAAS platform that enables parkers full control and garage management companies more ways to serve their customers.

Objective 2:

Design a touch-enabled, tablet-based application for executing daily tasks and connects directly to the system.

The mobile devices are used by parking attendants, hotel concierges, and garage staff that needed the ability to issue and validate tickets, vend gates, accept payments, and lookup reservations for rate structures.

I was able to take rough mockups provided by the Parkonect team and create high-fidelity prototypes based on the experience of the user for both applications. Using Adobe XD as the core design system, I was able to create a centralized location where assets are easily exported for the firmware team and the creative vision could be experienced by the whole team.

Parkonect POS