Pineapple Payments Mobile App Concept

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  • September 25, 2020

When Pineapple Payments was in the process of acquiring the TRANSAX Gateway, I was tasked with several projects to visually demonstrate our long-term vision.

Pineapple Payments is a Pittsburgh-based payments technology company that provides payment processing, proprietary technology, and omni-channel payment acceptance solutions for merchants of all shapes and sizes.

TRANSAX didn’t have a strategic long-term plan. We did have ideas that we just never got to. We didn’t need final products, but we needed something to help land the deal. Luckily, I already had both systems redesigned… in my head.


I only had a couple weeks to turn around two high-fidelity prototypes.

  1. Mobile Application (iOS/Android)
  2. Gateway Admin/Virtual Terminal (HTML/CSS/ASP.NET)

Both systems needed to be supremely usable, sleek and easily co-branded. I wanted an action-oriented dashboard with a focus on the most common tasks of the end user. I moved the charts, graphs and data lists to a reporting section to ease loading time. I re-organized navigation to be more logical and simplified the interface to be more intuitive. With complete ownership of the design, I was able to deliver something they couldn’t shoot down. There wasn’t enough time to water down the design and I loved it.

Pineapple did buy TRANSAX. We had done it. We built something from scratch and created value. I don’t know how much of an impact my work had in the decision process. I know it helped. Right?


Design Matters

Here is an example of a document we needed to send during the negotiation. I intercepted it before it went out. Within that same day… this is what we sent.

Couple thoughts here… I believe design has a seat at the table with every team in every function of an organization. Creative problem solvers need to be involved everywhere. Design needs to be embedded in the DNA of an organization’s culture.

Back to that document, I worked with the VP of Operations to create charts that visually show growth patterns. My charts were completely different than his approach. The final polish of that document made a noticeable difference. The documents and prototypes made our company legitimate and professional. It represented that we took our time and we know what we are doing. Now that’s a very minor example as I try to make a pretty unique argument.


In simple words, you need to put creatives everywhere! Find them, hire them and include them in everything.

Speaking of which… here’s why you should hire me. 🙂